Additional shipments for Healer Director's Cut DVD/BD set


If you purchased the director's cut set of Healer from Innolife, you should have received an email about an additional shipment. YesAsia will send their version when it gets close to the actual shipping day.

Basically, the customers in Korea were not happy with the quality and content of some of the special feature videos, the typo-ridden scripts, and the 100-p photobook that only contained 94 photos. So the producers are working on a set of complementary items to be shipped to all customers who purchased the Healer Director's Cut set. They will include 2 discs (DVD or BD depending on what you ordered) of more BTS videos including some of the ones that had been released on the KBS website, reprinted scripts, and 6 photo cards. The exact date for shipping has not been decided yet, but it should be some time this fall.


  1. I ordered from YesAsia, is it possible to know roughly when will the shipping date be? Thanks in advance.

    1. For Korean customers, the current expected shipping date is October 28. International shipments are probably delayed by a week or two.

    2. Thank you for the info!

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