When Park Bong Soo Became Healer... by Mabel Ng


When Park Bong Soo Became Healer.....

Episode 13 Hospital Scene - Youngshin Discovers Healer's Identity.

As she watched the retreating figure of Park Bong Soo (no, not Bong-sookie, but that Person, Healer....) out of the hospital ward, Youngshin could barely hold onto her emotional turmoil as her tears spilled over. As much as she tried to find excuses that there was no way the stammering, cowardly but handsome Bong-sookie was her mysterious heroic savior Healer, the gaze Bong Soo gave her at the end of their conversation was not from Bong Soo, but someone else. Someone her heart recognized, even if she had never seen his face.

With a heavy heart, Youngshin collected her belongings and left the hospital. Walking aimlessly along the street, she tried to reconcile her turbulent feelings. Why did Bong Soo lie to her? That Richard Simmons! After all the things she had told him, things she had never told anyone, not even Appa! Wasn't he her hoobae, her stalwart supporter and admirer? Wasn't Bong Soo dependent on her good graces, her guidance...? No...she depended on Bong Soo, had come to depend on him like she had never depended on anyone else. He brought her comfort, he made her laugh, he...even made her waver about Healer momentarily. And now, he WAS actually Healer.

Was everything a lie then? She got angry - was it just a game to him? Did he find it funny when she confessed time and again about her feelings for Healer? Did he enjoy confusing her heart by confessing his love for her as Bong-sookie? But then she remembered his sincere admission on the rooftop, to live beside her normally, if she would just accept him. She remembered his unguarded moments of pain, his spontaneous warm hugs, irresistible touches... She remembered their romantic movie date, a handhold that she would never ever forget; she remembered that painfully sweet gentle kiss on the first day of snow, when he almost died after rescuing her. Youngshin's heart hurt so much it was physically impossible to stand. 

She crouched down and sobbed. Realization hit her fast and hard. She loved Healer. She LOVED Bong Soo. Healer was her protector, her grand adventure, her romantic lover. Bong Soo was her friend, her emotional crutch, her everyday life. And now they were one man, and whoever his real name was, she knew she loved him. No matter his backstory, she would wait until he was ready to show her his real face. She would wait. But would he come?


  1. Really great moments the script forgot...thank you so much!