HIFP - Acknowledgements


Needless to say the first thank you will go to the Original Cast and Crew of the HEALER for giving us such an amazing drama. I think this entire project is proof of our love and gratitude for the Healer team ! But we would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone know was involved in the HIFP

The organizing team 

Firstly @kanyaprasetyo, @namedx and @sunshine15 who actually had the idea of starting the HIFP. Without their initiative and unstoppable enthusiasm, this wouldn't have been possible ! 

@tomoyo1010 and @NoxN for their AMAZING video making abilities, their team spirit and of course they can both read my mind. 

@cmoirae2 and @heartoppaya for their superb writing abilities and exceptional creative ideas!

@AdelaM for her immense support, contributions, help with the Fan Project and her superior social networking skills !   

@sanika - for help with managing and organizing

Most importantly @ruizaio who made it possible to get in direct contact with writer-SJN-nim and provided the fastest translation help ever (she can beat a super computer guys ! ) It was real fun working with guys. Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. 

The contributors to the HIFP sub-projects

Teaser video - 

Noxn, heartoppaya 

Broadcast video - 

Noxn, kanyaprasetyo, tomoyo1010

Healing times - 

cmoirae2, briseis, sia13, mywebfoot, olga2010ans, jerboa13, namedx, kanyaprasetyo, aprilislily, gtangerine, uctqepe, adlyn15, sunshine15, heartoppaya, ahpheng, NRGchick, tomi22, tiffyjiffy, ruizaio, adelam, tomoyo1010, Noxn.

Healer in one Line -

AppleBanana, uctqepe, azzhuragreen,  sunshinefate ,  kdramafangirlz, MyXavienne,lovesikara, Artist2601, Noxn,larienssi, valsava, kanyaprasetyo, keroppikero, seinhi, rixxanna, Hafie, rrmski, sia3, azzurri, nana4ever, rachelpark26, minozyeh, paulette, AnneVarrattha, cmoirae2, minoz,qwenli, aoikarin, Chizawa95, AdelaM, sweesal, Canavalia, treasure51, Olga2010Ans, soso97, NRGchick, Ahpheng,rushcute, sunshine15, babyred358, Lissabonni, princessbelle1022, dearme85, dancingunicorn, heartoppaya, Layali, mjang, OO1230, secretup, ikeikeke, Charliew, arlequine, tiffyjiffy, briseis, Cinderella1, letta tehlimau,  mary_of_bethany, yenbird , fidda868 , namedx , FemaleQuixote , cityhunterlee , sanika, Tomi22 , urbanscrappy , Addictedtokeverything , Yumiko_hitoshi , jerboa3 , Ohuihui, namyo, naritul, suziebee, donnalauj, kimchee4me, saved2k, Redfox3, azuwaza163, Leylalinn, najmizah, saeedeh, missling1, byeodol, PommePompadour, seungzy_kangdamshipper, maddymappo,  dk_sadia, andremarie, pnaysurfer84,

Healer in your Language - 

AdelaM, missling1, valsava, AwfaB, cityhunterlee, alshafy, briseis, dk_sadia, Lissabonni, senasena, AwfaB, fillinoctis, OksanaS, natys, sunshine15, luv_KimRaeWon, natys, saeedeh, carmens, CherKell, kanyaprasetyo, Zelda, gongS, blossomnagr, andremarie, tiffyjiffy, heartoppaya, PiyuMiUmesha. 

International Fan Message Video - 

tomoyo1010, ruizaio, AdelaM, sanika

Comic strips - 

NRGChick, Apheng, sunshine15 

Fan Audio Messages from - [Sorry I don't have all your IDs but your emails ]

Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia , Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, USA, Vietnam.

HIFP Blog - 

sunshine15, kanyaprasetyo, praxis, namedx. 

Each and Every one of you - YOU GUYS ARE DAEBAK! 

And last but not the least - To all of you guys who sent so many emails, fan arts, Fan messages, Fan videos ! You are the real reason this project is a huge hit! We would really like to name each and everyone of you, but there are too many to name ! That's how amazing you were !!! 

Its been a pleasure and privilege to had been a part of this amazing journey !


  1. "I can't do anything about it.... Don't tell me to run away, I don’t know how to run away."
    that was, and is, and will always be what we all felt about Healer..
    the reason that i am still here, 6 March, after almost a month, still refusing to run to another drama and "moved on", shown that many just like me, has transformed, and changed, and revived into something beyond us... that we can never look at another drama with the same eyes again after Healer... Healer has fixed us. and thanks to Soompi, i can still moved around here, refusing to run away... refusing to "move on", while knowing that Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young has moved on.
    THANKS to you Ahjummas....
    wihout this fan project, i really don't know where to run to, how to pass the past few weeks... so, i refused and don't know how to run away.

    1. Awww, I'm glad you enjoy hanging with us here at Morumoru Island - always a pleasure, Mary of Bethany! As usual, love your insightful comments!