Dear Ahjumma, from a muggle born


Q. I'm in Nigeria. I wanna see u,so u can teach me how to prep kimbap. Is there a way u can appear like Dumbledore?


A. Dear Muggle,

I'm a hacker, not friggin' Harry Potter!! Healer and I are totally non-fictional - I can get Healer to run on rooftops for you if you like!? It's going to cost you though!

Have you not been following my messages!? Don't ever, EVER ask this ahjumma for her kimbap recipe, it's far too precious too share, even with Healer! So don't bother, coz you ain't having it.

And no, you can't bloody well see my face, do I look like the type of person to reveal her identity to some random stranger!? Do you not know what I do for a living!? Re-watch Healer, and learn! 



  1. Dear ahjumma i realized after reading few msgs that i cant ask you about your mysterious recipe of kimbap but ahjumma i'm wondering was it the only meal for you !! aaah ahjumma you dressed up very well :v <3