Dear Ahjumma from a "wanna-be-stylist"


Q. Dear Ahjumma,

You were sooooo amazing with all the gadgets that you were using.. I was 
stun with the beauty that you have especially when you go out.. do you have your make-up artist? just curious.


A. Dear wanna-be-stylist,

Of course I don't have a stylist. I'm a born beauty, with perfect hair, perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect everything. What my omma says is, "Be yourself". I won't advise you to be yourself because you're definitely less awesome than me. Anyway, don't try to copy me, or my crimped up hairstyle, otherwise I'll sue!

Peace out,

P.S. Do you people have no life? Why are you bothering me?


  1. I feel REAL Ahjumma here ! Is that you ? I miss you!