Dear Ahjumma, from an enthusiastic fan!


Q. Awwwww my feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, first of all Ahjumma, your role in Healer has been for me the most oustanding one, I really loved it so much, so congratulations for your hard work as Ahjumma.  I got paralyse when you were almost caught...
Question 1-
Why are you always singing kpop songs? Hahahahahaha

Question 2-
Why do you protect JH so much, do you love him as a son?

Question 3- 
If you were against JH and YS to have a relationship, why did you help him 
during the date? Did you actually want them to be together?
Question 4-
Do you ever have feelings for Detective Yoon?

Question 5-
Do you think Ahjumma is going to hire another Healer and continuing been


A. Dear enthusiastic-fan-who-I-can-picture-jumping-up-and-down,

You have quite a pathetic questionnaire. I've told you people before, and I'm saying it again, stop fangirling over such a junk food eating couch potato. It gets old, y'know? And now, to answer your curiosity:

1. Why would a person sing a song? Why? Such a tough question, yeah? Just to answer, I sing songs because I freaking like it! Kpop brings out the inner girl in me. Have you heard my beatbox? Remind me to show
it later if/when we meet (which will probably be never) ok?

2. Do I love Jung-hoo as a son? Are you freaking kidding me? Why would somebody awesome like me mother some weakling who melts to a puddle seeing his girlfriend smile at him? Are you insane? I'd rather make a wooden log my son. Or Dae-young! Aigoo, frustrating. Then again, though I see love as being somewhat disgusting, I have developed somewhat of a soft spot for him, but that's between you and me, OK!?

3. I actually am not against their relationship. I'm just not into romance and all the swooning. I interfered with their "date" just to get them to go forward. Seeing Jung-hoo sighing every five minutes annoys the hell out of me. Then again, I'm an old fart, so what would I know about romancing!

4. I'm going to kill Yoon. Trustworthy companion, my ass! With a face like a babboon's backside and an attitude sky-high, I don't doubt that he might get some decent dates with some beautiful women. But the
lizard still pines after me. I dunno what to do with him!

5. You have quite a lot of questions, m'dear, don't you get bored? Of course I'm continuing with my hacking- I wouldn't give it up with the world. I'm training Dae-young these days although she seems smitten with Moon-ho, calling him "oppa".

Peace out,

P.S. Why are you giving credits to those two lumpheads, namedx and heartoppaya at soompi? All they did was come into my personal space
and disrupt my privacy. Urgh!