Dear Ahjumma, from momo kimbap


Q. Dear Ahmumma,

만나서 반갑습니다!  I know you are closed for the night, but knowing how tight-lipped you are about your kimbap recipe getting out, I was wondering if you were aware that when Bae Sang Soo and his goons sacked your lair, Sang Soo ate the kimbap roll you left?  Have you taken any action against him yet?  You could get Det.Yoon to take him into custody and find out how much he was able to figure out about your recipe based on what he ate. 

Also disappearing him to an island or getting him to work for you (he could be your new errand boy, running out to get your kimbap supplies) might also be things to consider if you haven't already.

By the way, what ever happened to the hard drive that you dropped while you were being chased?  Did you ever get that back after Yo Yo took it?  I'm sure it has Healer-y secrets on it that we are all dying to know about - or is it just a backup drive with your Kpop library?

Keep rockin' out, Ahjumma!  The Healerites salute you!


A.Dear momo-a-name-I-actually-like,

You are different from the others. Your concern for me, my kimbap recipe and my harddrive shine through all the emails I recieved. You're a bit like me. A bit. Not as awesome, but getting there, eventually.

It's my recipe, so of course I won't be spilling my secrets to anybody. Actually, I knew about the kimbap stealing thing. I hid a camera there and saw through my phone the devil eating my- MY!- kimbap. 

I'm not ordering Yoon around. He's a pain, y'know. And I really don't care about Sang-soo and yoyo. They can dig their own grave for all I care.

Actually, how did you know about my kpop library? If I didn't wear that stupid-ass coat, I would've had it with me. Lots of Big Bang. LOTS. *sob* It's heartbreaking.

Peace out,

P.S. You're the only one I've liked so far.


  1. ajumma i always knew that u were such a sensory woman with a very big heart but the loss of your son affected your feelings a lot that's why you've decided to live in isolation from people and the world but why did you treat jung hoo oppa differently!! as a son i meant :) sarananda ajummaah u're the best (y)

    1. WOW. Surprise to see your name here!