Dear Ahjumma, from a curious-about-healer's-love-life fan


Q. Dear Ahjumma,

I'm Erin and I'm from Indonesia. Of course I'm a big fan of Healer and I wanna ask some questions :

1. Which part in Healer that is ad-lib besides the kitchen kiss poke?2. In the end did Jung Hoo got a chance to have a reunion with her mom again? That's all I wanna ask. Actually there's more but I suddenly can't think of it :)) I will be very happy if I get a reply from you :)


A. Dear curious-about-healers-lovelife fan,

Why is everybody so invested in Jung-hoo's love life? What is this whole drama about these two? Are they featuring the news? Are they celebrities? NO! They're not. I have absolutely no reason to eavesdrop
into any lovers' squabbles (more like cheesiness- they hardly ever fight). And when they do fight, it ends up with them trying to swallow each other up. Disgusting, I say. What is with kids these days getting handsy right in front of adults. Moon-ho laughs and I ask Jung-hoo to keep it in his pocket. Urgh!

I do believe he meets his mum occasionally. Although he hasn't done the meet-mum with Young-shin yet. The boy's such a coward sometimes (all the time, in my opinion- I don't understand why Moon-ho defends
him). Moon-ho has been contrite with him only once. I heard from Young-shin that he was giving Jung-hoo The Talk, which apparently didn't go well what with Jung-hoo's seemingly careless reply: "It's too late now". But that spat was quickly over with Jung-hoo stealing my kimbap (MY KIMBAP!) and sharing it with Moon-ho. They were a couple of Looney Toon ducks when I inquired them about the theft of course. Knuckleheads, both of them!

Peace out,

P.S. Young-shin is quite friendly with me. She's my rookie student whenever Jung-hoo's not bothering her like a clingy octopus. That boy has eight hands- EIGHT HANDS!- I tell you.


  1. kekekekekeke

    "That boy has eight hands- EIGHT HANDS!"