Director's Cut Release Date postponed


The release date for Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets has been changed from June 22 to July 13.

The following is the official statement of the distributor.


We apologize about the delay of the release of Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets.

Greetings, this is G-Maru Entertainment, the distributor of KBS Drama Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets.

First off, we'd like to express our sincere apology to all customers who are eagerly waiting for Healer Director's Cut and the Initiative Team who've worked so hard for its release.
Unexpectedly, the scheduled release date of Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets has been postponed again to July 13. We know how desperately you've been waiting for it, but all we can offer is our sincere apology. We are sorry for not being able to keep our word on the release date.

The current production process of Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD set is as the following:

1. Create a Master Copy after authoring the content and inspecting the quality of image and sound
2. Send the Master Copy to a manufacturer outside of Korea
3. Stampering (by the manufacturer outside of Korea)
4. Create samples and ship to Korea
5. Inspect samples
6. Manufacture copies
7. Printing on disc
8. Packaging

The production process of Blu-rays generally follows the above 8 steps. (We'll base our explanation on making the Blu-ray discs from here on.)
Usually, when the original source has no problem with image or sound quality or noise, the authoring process alone takes about 30 to 45 days.
When there are problems not limited to what we mentioned here, it can be delayed even further.
Once authoring is complete, we create a Master Copy and ship it to a manufacturer outside of Korea (by EMS or FedEx).
The manufacturer outside of Korea will work on stampering in preparation for mass production.
Once the stampers are ready, they create samples (usually 5 copies) using them and ship them back to us, and we do another quality check before mass production.
Once sample inspection is complete, we order for mass production, which takes about 2 weeks.
Of course, if there is a problem during the sample inspection, we have to go back to authoring, recreate samples, and only proceed to mass production when there are no further problems.
As such, it takes about 2 weeks for stampering and sample inspection and another 2 weeks for mass production, shipment to Korea, and packaging, taking about 4 weeks in total after the authoring process.

Currently, in the case of our Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets, we had an additional process of working with the original films of the behind the scenes footage, and need for correction of image/sound/color quality has increased the time it takes for the authoring process from what we had initially expected.
The authoring company and KBS has scheduled to create the Master Copy by the 12th, focusing on conducting a thorough quality control so that no more problems will be found down the road.
According to this new schedule, the expected release date of our Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets will be around July 13.

We have no excuses for not keeping our promise of releasing it on schedule, but we wish you'd understand that all the relevant parties working on producing Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets are doing their best.

We held a meeting in response to the rescheduling of the release date, and here are the additional items that have been decided:

1. Unreleased OST

- We had originally planned to include a CD of the unreleased OST, but now we're changing the medium to a DVD disc. This is so that we can include some of the BTS footage that didn't make it to the special features of the Director's Cut in this DVD along with the unreleased soundtracks.
  It is estimated that there will be about 20 minutes of extra footage. 
  We will announce more on this later.

2. Healer Logo Bookmark

- We will include a bookmark featuring the Healer logo fashioned after the pendant Jung-Hoo gives to Young-Shin in the drama in the pre-order gifts.
   While the image may not match 100% as we could not procure the exact prop used in the drama, we will do our best to make it as close to the original as possible.
   The design will be completed some time between the 12th and the 15th. We will announce more on it later.

We also apologize for not being able to accept many of your ideas on pre-order gifts.

We apologize again for the delay of the release date, and we will do our best until the day Healer Director's Cut BD/DVD sets finally come out.

Thank you.

G-Maru Entertainment

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