Jung-hoo's countless list of feels! - Episode 4


   Jung-hoo's countless list of feels: Episode 4

The moment he catches her off guard, and finds her in a state of complete vulnerability – I love the feelings of anxiousness he gives off in this moment; it’s as if someone clinging onto him is the most alien thing in the world. With a degree of urgency, he reminds her that she can’t just sleep with “anybody”, and that “anybody” is him. It’s a lovely moment in which Jung-hoo tries to draw the line of being a “nobody” to each other, only to have her cling on even tightly, turning him into a “somebody” who is able to provide that much needed blanket of security. At that point, he looks at her with a soulful gaze, almost a childlike wonder, as if taking in her pain. The fact that he remains in that position, shows that he’s willing to be that somebody who can comfort her in times of need; the parallel drawn to their childhood was a nice touch, showing the mutual comfort they shared from very early on – it displays a natural progression in terms of their closeness.

I do love how he’s always trying to figure her out. Even whilst walking her home, he gives her his full attention, only to be left baffled when she turns out to be equally tuned to his speech and habits. Whilst she’s confounded over Moon ho’s visit and is visibly annoyed by his request to hand over the article, Jung-hoo keeps a close watch on her, and instinctively guides her out of harm’s way, knowing she’s far too distracted to pay attention to the surrounding dangers. I do love how subtle this move is compared to your typical Kdramas, which would perhaps have the male lead barking about “not watching where you’re going” type speech – Jung hoo’s protective instinct over Young-shin is a natural gesture and displays feelings of an unconditional kind, to the point where he’d even switched off the tracker which alerts him to his own dangers. He cares, and so he does, never asking for anything in return.  

Lol and he’s starting to get used to that crude mouth of hers, isn’t he? I love that he finds her somewhat amusing at this point. Her colourful language when cursing Moon ho, no doubt, reminds him of the crude and abrasive Ahjumma, the other woman in his life. It’s something he’s come to hear with fondness it seems, as the look of amusement which crosses his face is like the sharing of a private joke - such a great moment, in which language is shown to be a binding force when it comes to bonding and forming a relationship.

Even knowing that his bare face would prove dangerous for him in revealing his true identity, he cuts off Ahjumma’s warning, and continues to keep a watch over Yong-shin, knowing they’re being followed. That look of amusement turns into serious vigilance in a matter of seconds, and you can see him mentally building a protective wall around Yong-shin, as she continues to babble on.

His reaction when told to “run away” is one of surprise and disbelief. Hearing the words from Ahjumma, who’s sat behind the safety of a computer screen is one thing, but to hear it from somebody who’s alongside him, facing the very same danger, comes from an entirely different perspective. Situations that he’s perhaps akin to seeing on those wildlife programmes he so loves, is now playing out in front of his very eyes, whereby he’s no longer the one being abandoned, but is instead, the one being actively protected.  The protective barrier which he’d formed in his mind, is being physically put into action by none other than Young-shin, who like Jung-hoo, doesn't hesitate to protect those around her. It’s such a nice moment, in which roles are reversed, proving that it’s the intention that counts. Seeing that there are no double motives at play, Jung-hoo for the first time, witnesses the sincerity that comes with human ties – Yong-shin’s decision to battle it out alone, displays the type of protectiveness and integrity with which Jung-hoo too abides by, showing that both are seemingly fearless when it comes to protecting those who matter most.

And though he initially stands conflicted with regards to whether or not he should intervene, once he sees his scratched wounds, and recalls the father’s account of Young-shin’s emotional wounds, he can’t bring himself to leave her behind, choosing to take responsibility for her safety. Amidst all the action, it’s Yong-shin’s emotional wounds he tends to first, making sure to keep her hidden from all the violence, lest it brings back painful memories. For her protection, he will gladly don the mask of Healer, for once, letting morality become the decisive factor.

By namedx 

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  1. just one word- Outstanding
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    Amazing post ,you make me read all post of this blog
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    Healer - the best show i have ever come across ,no turning back once you get addicted,
    so many layers this show has to read,observe ..keep up the good work Dearies...

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I'm glad you enjoy reading the contents of this blog - it makes us very happy! ^^

  2. Nice write up.. keep going..

  3. Thank you Namedx for writing your beautiful thoughts on ep 4 and all the eps so far.  I just finished rewatching this ep for the nmpth time but after reading your beautiful analysis, I feel like I need to back and watch it again it again for the feels.  This is definitely not healing my addiction but who cares. I’m totally embracing it with open arms and the love of this community. A gazzilion thanks to the beautiful, young and hot ladies that created and run the HIFP blog and facebook for uniting all of us to spazz and share the love of Healer. You girls just Rock!!  Just love coming here!! THANKS!!!! 

    1. Awww thank you for your kind words, and for hanging with us at morumoru island!! To be honest, the place only comes to life when we have people like yourself visiting here and appreciating the contents of the blog. We aim to please, so I hope the addiction continues, haha!! Also, if you have anything to share with us, please do e-mail it across so we can publish it for you. Many thanks for popping by.

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  5. I have read this and your other Feels countless times and it still reaches deep.

    "...Jung-hoo for the first time, witnesses the sincerity that comes with human ties – Yong-shin’s decision to battle it out alone..."

    These words at this moment just stopped me cold. As you've articulated very well elsewhere, the reality of Jung-hoo's humanness and life until now is heartbreaking.
    Thanks for the Feels... please don't stop.
    When you are ready to share, your words are magic...

    1. Hey there,

      Thank you for your lovely comments, and for enjoying the list of feels! Hopefully, I'll continue once I'm freed up with work.