Confirmed specifications and link to the full package image


Specifications of Healer Director's Cut Blu-ray/DVD set

Basic Package: 13 Discs + Digipak + case  + 100-page photobook + bookbound scripts (20 episodes) + 3 postcards with printed autographs
Pre-order Gifts: Unreleased OST + interviewbook + synopsis book + 2 official posters + Seo Jung-Hoo/Chae Young Shin Someday Press Pass (only for the first 1000 copies each)

Full package image of the Healer Director's Cut Blu-ray set with pre-order gifts can be seen at the Healer Director's Cut Initiative Web Cafe. Please note that this image may be viewed only at this web cafe and reposting of it anywhere else is strictly prohibited.

*This image does not include the unreleased OST, and the postcards are shown without the printed autographs. They may be updated later.
*The DVD set image is not ready at this time. Will be updated later as well.

You can still order the DVD at Innolife (ships to the US) and the Blu-ray at YesAsia (does not ship to North America).